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MaryAnne Rodriguez

Owner + Broker

MaryAnne Rodriguez comes from a background in Education, which can be found woven in each transaction and customer she meets. Educating her customers is number one on her list so that they feel confident in what can be one of the most pivotal decisions in their lives. She is also forever learning herself in order to equip her company, her agents, and her customers with the most relevant and effective information.


Proud Wife | Mama to Two | Front Porch Lover

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Emily Hall

Director of Sales / Realtor

Emily Hall is a former high school teacher who uses her background in education to help her customers understand and feel comfortable with each step of the home buying + selling process. Emily also uses this passion to train our Root agents and ensure seamless processes are in place for the team and our customers. She strives to provide the highest quality of service to each client to ensure they make the most informed decisions when purchasing or selling a home. Emily resides in historical Springfield with her husband, two children, + dog and is ready to share her passion for her city and career with you.


Plant Lady | Brewery Lover | Spin Fanatic

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Katie Williams


Katie Williams is a Jacksonville native with a love for people and community. She graduated from Florida State University, and spent many years as a pediatric nurse at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Katie's passion for helping people translates perfectly in the real estate world. She is committed to making sure everyone is cared for, well informed, and that each transaction is performed with integrity. Katie has put down roots with her husband in Jacksonville, and can't wait to help you do the same.


Lucky Wife | Dancing Queen | Jax Native

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Amanda Hunter Searle


Amanda earned her Art History degree from the University of Florida where she also studied Urban Planning as a graduate student. She has lived all over the US throughout her life and decided to settle in Jacksonville when visiting a friend and saw the tremendous growth the city was experiencing. She and her husband settled in a historic district and have renovated several properties together. Amanda brings her diverse experiences together to help navigate the home buying and selling processes, which can sometimes be challenging and in need of some creative problem solving. She understands that a home purchase or sale can often be the largest transaction that many people make in their lives and she strives to make the process as stress free as possible.


Hiker | Community Gardener | Adulting Punk Rocker

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Anna Savitsky


Anna Savitsky was born and raised in and around New York City, but laid down roots in Jacksonville almost a decade ago. She is a skilled leadership coach, which started with teachers and expanded into work with school administrators, nonprofit managers, and private sector staff. With a Masters of Education in Diversity & Equity, Anna is most passionate about building authentic relationships with clients of diverse backgrounds and supporting their unique needs. She joined the Root family as a Realtor to be part of this empowered women-led team with a laser-focus on supporting homebuyers and sellers in the Jacksonville community, which she and her husband are proud to call home.


Pooch Mom | Professional Auntie | True Crime & Pro-Wrestling Aficionado

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Erica Baker


Erica Baker started her real estate career as a Licensed Personal Assistant to a top Avondale area realtor in Jacksonville. She quickly learned all the ins-and-outs of the business, giving her the knowledge and confidence to start her own career as a Realtor. Erica has a passion for helping others and is dedicated to providing exceptional service while ensuring that her clients feel educated, cared for, and most importantly – that they are in good hands. As a proud Jacksonville native, she is thrilled to be working her dream job in the city she knows + loves.


Pug Mom | Aspiring Foodie | Proficient in Pop Culture

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Rachel Houck


With an appraiser grandfather and a Realtor grandmother, real estate has always been a family tradition for Rachel. She earned a degree in Communication from University of California, San Diego and she has since developed a service-centered background in the field of education, as well as in the home remodeling and design industry. Her desire is to help home buyers and sellers have a smooth and successful real estate experience through a heart rooted in customer service. Rachel is excited to have partnered with the hardworking ladies of Root Realty in serving current and future residents of Jacksonville with any and all of their real estate needs!


Navy Wife | Book Worm | Craftsman Home Admirer

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Danay Guenther


Danay is a Jacksonville native who hates the blistering heat but loves the city anyway! She has a background in dentistry and her favorite aspect of the job was helping patients feel more confident as they prepared for big surgeries. After buying her own first home, she realized that home buying and getting dental treatment are similar. Starting with some paperwork, add a tiny bit of stress, and then a huge bright smile at the end! Her goal has been to help home buyers smile ever since.


Happy Wife | Lover of Stories | Otterhound Mom

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Sarah Modica


Sarah is a Jacksonville native with a lust for life. Several years ago, she decided to quit her desk job to see the world. Sarah hiked the Incan trail to Machu Picchu, walked the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia, and drove through the hills of Tuscany. She is not afraid to jump into the unknown and is a great problem solver! Before settling back in Jacksonville, she lived in other cities around the United States and it didn’t take long for her to realize that this was where she wanted to be. After purchasing her own forever home, she knew that she wanted to be a part of that special experience for others.


Adventurer I Animal Lover I Trail Runner

Mary-Mychael Waln


Mary Mychael is a Jacksonville native who has grown up and lived in the historic districts of Riverside and Avondale most of her life. After attending Florida State University, she immediately began working for the Steele Winery out of Northern California. For the next 6 years, she travelled across the country specializing in marketing and sales for the boutique winery (which enhanced her love of wine!). Once she met her husband back in Jacksonville, she decided to put down her roots at home. Now, Mary Mychael and her husband own and operate the Riverdale Inn Bed & Breakfast right here in Riverside and live in the heart of the neighborhood with their daughter Penelope. After selling their home a couple of years ago, she realized her love for Real Estate. Her hope is to bring joy to the process of buying and selling homes to people who hope for this process to become a happy memory.


Happy Mom | Happy Wife | Avid Reader

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Alaina Burt


With a background in healthcare, Alaina has a love for people. She is a mother, wife and friend. Alaina has deep roots in Jacksonville and loves to soak up whatever the community has to offer, like exploring antique shops, local eats and art exhibits. She has an eye for envisioning a space’s full potential and loves the opportunity to execute that design. Astrologically Alaina is a Leo, making her creative, warm-hearted, and passionate. Let her passion guide you to your next home.


Mama I Karaoke Star I Reality TV Buff

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Jessica Rettig


A Jacksonville native, Jessica has extensive knowledge of the local market and the variety of activities and culture that each area in the city has to offer! She comes from a background in marketing and decided to take a leap of faith into real estate knowing that it would be a more rewarding career. She enjoys time spent with family and friends, brunch, reading, fishing, gardening, and hanging out with Indiana Jones- her furry golden retriever that refuses to leave her side. You could say she has the travel bug as she is always searching for the next big adventure, from glacier hiking in Iceland to chasing waterfalls in Costa! However, her roots will always be firmly planted in Jacksonville as this is her home and she has a true passion for the city.


Lover of Vintage I Plant Enthusiast I Living Room Dancer

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Chelsea Mondares


Chelsea is a Jacksonville native who takes pride in raising her 3 young children in the city she knows and loves. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and playing volleyball. She also likes reading a good mystery or romance novel with a glass of wine in hand. With a background in preschool and the service industry, she strives to nurture and please everyone she comes in contact with. She has a strong love for her family and cherishes making precious memories around the city. With a passion for assisting others and a love for Jacksonville, Chelsea makes it her personal mission to help find houses families can transform into their home. Her goal is to make searching for a home a smooth process.


Bookworm | Coffee Lover | Mother of 3

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Ellie Boline

Office Manager

Ellie was born and raised in Jacksonville, and still chooses the 904 as home. Ellie attended the University of Florida, where she earned her degree in Telecommunications, danced for the Dazzlers, and found lifelong friendships through her sorority. She lives her life by 6 major f's- faith, family, friends, fitness, fashion, and REALLY good food! She loves her crazy, cute golden retriever (@little.miss.annieb on instagram) and always finds the center of the dance floor. Ellie loves her local community and is excited to thrive on the Root Realty team!


Sunset Watcher | Dancer | Constant Smiler