5 Summer Entertaining Must-Haves!

1. Large plants- Everyone knows that Florida conditions can produce some pretty amazing tropical greenery. If landscaping is beyond your green thumb abilities, just focus on a few potted plants- this way you can move them around as needed; by the pool, hammock, gazebo or patio table.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.02.14 AM.png


2. Bringing the comforts and style of the indoors out- A great way to economically dress up your outdoor space is to use your favorite furniture from inside. Borrow a table and dishes from your dining room for a summer dinner party or make your patio chairs a bit cozier with pillows from your couch or bedroom for cocktails al fresco.



3. Hanging Lights- There is something about the glow of a string of lights that can make even the most ordinary space feel magical. Stringing lights throughout your outdoor space can set a fun and intimate atmosphere, perfect for summer entertaining!



4.Citronella Candles- These are a must for any outdoor gathering in Florida. Mosquitos bites can really put a damper on a party, so make sure to place citronella candles and/or torches around your outdoor entertaining space to create a pest free party- and a nice candle light esthetic.



5. Have a pool? Grab some floaties! Fun floaties are the perfect way to pep up a party! No matter your theme, there is a floatie for you! Blow them up, throw them in the pool, and let your guests enjoy.



Annie & Heather