New Year, New (revamped) Home!

Thinking about selling in 2018? Here are some of our agents top to do's to spruce up your home:

MaryAnne Rodriguez, OWNER & BROKER

HVAC UPDATE - Too many times we find the HVAC come up on buyers' inspection reports for items that could have been easily prevented and what would have been affordable then, if handled on the spot. Think about your AC like your car: Dont you want it to look nice to others? Dont you want to be comfortable in it? Dont you have to maintain it consistently? Here are some ways to make sure the HVAC system is ready to go!

  • Schedule a cleaning and maintenance servicing
  • Check the thermostat for accuracy
  • Check for proper insulation on refrigerant lines
  • Check to ensure vents are open, dry, and clean
  • Change your air filters every season

Read here for more tips:

Emily Hall, REALTOR

LANDSCAPING- Would you show up for a job interview in sweatpants?  Probably not. Consider each showing an interview.  The first thing a buyer sees is the outside of your home, which includes the yard.  Is is inviting and maintained or could it use some sprucing up? First impressions are everything, which is why landscaping is crucial to selling your home.  Here are some quick ways to wow your buyer and leave a lasting first impression.

  • Spruce up outdoor containers.
  • Touch up the mulch.
  • Plant some instant color.
  • Shape unsightly or overgrown trees and shrubs.
  • Clean up water features.
  • Pressure wash.

Erica Baker, REALTOR

PET ODOR-Pets leave a mark on us and our hearts. Pet odors however, leave a mark on our house. You don't want someone to walk into your home and be greeted with an odor. Whether its from your pet, smoking or anything else in between, here are a few tips to get rid of those pesky scents: 

  • Remove all curtains, blankets, sheets, towels etc. and give them a good, fresh wash. Keeping your linens washed and clean will help keep a fresher scent throughout. Of course, be sure to wash your pets bed + toys.  
  • Steam clean your carpets or rugs + use a deodorizing product for a fresher smell. If you don't have carpet, you should still be sure to mop/sanitize your floors. Don't forget the baseboards, those needs to be vacuumed, too!
  • A fresh coat of paint on the walls can also help with odors. 
  • Replace your air filters! This is one that is usually overlooked but crucial. 

Heather De Laurentis, REALTOR

DE-CLUTTER AND ORGANIZE- In preparing for your home sale, minimizing and organizing are low cost to free methods to improve your home's appearance. This allows potential buyers to really focus on your home's amazing features. Plus, this will make packing and moving much easier once your home is under contract! Check out this to-do list to get started and keep your home looking its best while on the market.

  • Remove excess items from counter tops/ tables and dust these surfaces
  • Reduce the number of personal items displayed
  • Organize drawers, cabinets, and closets- tip: use fabric boxes or bins to conceal your personal items and for quick cleaning before showings
  • Donate or throw away items you do not need 
  • Keep furniture and other items minimal by utilizing a storage unit

Anna Savitsky, REALTOR

LIGHTEN UP!- Lighting can make a world of difference in both your listing photographs and throughout showings.  Good lighting doesn’t just make your home brighter; it makes it appear roomier and more inviting to potential buyers! Here are some quick tips for maximizing light without breaking the bank:

  • Move furniture and plants that (partially or completely) block windows and natural light.
  • Replace blackout shades and dark window drapes with sheer or neutral-colored valances or curtains.
  • Strategically hang large mirrors or place mirrored furniture in smaller rooms.
  • Clean the windows and let that light in!


WELCOME- "A buyer's first impression is as critical as the curb appeal.  They will spend their most time at the door as the real estate agent opens the lockbox. Sprucing up the entrance should include a freshly painted front door and a new Welcome Mat.  A clean door handle that properly works and isn't a struggle is also a must.  As they enter the home their expectations will be positive and more excited.  Learn more here...

Katie Williams, REALTOR

NEW PAINT- A new coat of interior paint brings a fresh look to any home! Always use neutral colors, and be sure to touch up paint in rooms where there are nicks and scrapes on the wall. Remember, you want to make your house appealing to all buyers! Here are a few of the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors: