You did it! You bought a house! Congrats! Once you’ve popped the champagne and taken a moment to celebrate there are a few things to tend to as a new homeowner. Check out our list below to help with a flawless transition to your new crib.

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11 To Do Items

once you close

1. Change the locks. Especially if your home was a remodel, you can never be sure of how many people had keys to your home.

2. Measure before buying appliances. Trust me.

3. Become comfortable with your breaker box and main water valve in case you would need to access them in an emergency.

4. Check each smoke detector one by one. Tedious, but worth it.

5. Hire a cleaner or do your own deep clean. It’s easier to get every nook and cranny dusted and wiped down while your belongings are still in boxes.

6. Clean out your gutters. This can help prevent any buildup that can cause roof leaks later down the road.

7. Schedule your must have providers immediately (internet, cable, alarm, etc). They tend to book up quickly so the earlier you can get them in the better. Or you can watch 6 weeks of Friends on DVD like me.

8. Confirm with the post office that your address is changed, set up, and ready to start receiving new mail.

9. Double check that all of the utilities have been moved into your name. You don't want your TV turning off in the middle of that big game.

10. Update your driver's license, car registration, and voter registration. 

11. Apply for homestead exemption in person or online. This will save you $ and who doesn’t want that?!