Five Reasons You Need a Home Inspection

This might not be the most glamorous of topics, but it is an important one, so read on home buyer!  Buying a home is most likely the largest investment you will make in your lifetime, which is why it's so important to make sure you are making the right choice.  One of the best ways to ensure this is a good purchase is to get a home inspection during your inspection period.  Your inspection period is negotiated when you submit your offer -- for more information, just ask us!

Here are 5 Reasons You NEED a Home Inspection:

1.  Get To Know Your Home

A home inspector covers your house from top to bottom to ensure the safety and function of all items.  Whether your home is historic or brand new, it's important to get to know your home inside and out.  An inspection report can help you become familiar with any quirks or perks your future home holds.  

2. Request Repairs

Did you know you can ask the seller to make repairs based on the inspection report?  Once you receive and review the report with your inspector and agent, you will decide which repairs are the most important for you to ask the seller to address.  These items should be focused on function + safety, and not cosmetic.  We will help you prioritize and walk you through this portion of the home buying process.  These items will be repaired prior to closing so you can move in to your new home worry free! 

*Repairs may not be requested for an "as-is" sale, but it is still important to do the inspection to see what repairs you may need to make once you close.

3. Saves You Money

A home inspection typically costs between $400-600 dollars (amount may vary) and is an upfront cost to you, the buyer.  Although this may feel like a large chunk of money, it can save you in the long run. 

Let's look at a scenario: You are under contract on a home for $250,000.  You receive the inspection report and the home needs a new roof, has live termites, and serious foundation issues (all expensive repairs).  You are unable to come to an agreement with the seller on repairs and decide this home is not for you.  You cancel the contract, receive your binder deposit back, and find another, even more wonderful home!

Now, let's pretend you didn't get an inspection and closed on the home. A few months in you discover your home needs to be tented, the roof is leaking, and there's a new slope in the living room-- yikes! 

But you didn't do that and thanks to your inspection you just saved yourself a whole lot of $$$ post closing!

4. Plan For The Future

It is unlikely a seller will repair every single item on the inspection report.  No home is perfect and simple repairs can typically be handled by the new home owner post closing.  For future repairs, the inspection report can help you plan and prioritize what you need to do post closing.  Perhaps the shower needs some caulk, that's a quick weekend project.  Maybe the a/c is on the older side, good to know so you can prepare for that when the time comes.  

5. Peace of Mind

The place where you wake up and go to sleep every day should not come with question marks.  It's important to understand your inspection report and move in knowing what needs to be done immediately, what can wait, and that you made the right choice.



Happy home buying!