Drinks with... Liz!

Each month, Root Realty sits down with a mover-and-shaker, someone who is cool, captivating, and a consistent contributor to our Jacksonville community! We bring their favorite drink and a list of questions, and at the end we cheers to the city we love. 

This month we sat down with Liz Grebe, Marketing Manager for Riverside Arts Market . 

Whatcha drinkin’?


Coppertail Brewing Co. Independent Pilsner from Tampa. They have the most gorgeous branding, their labels look like they match their building.

What do you love most about Jacksonville?

I love that there is such a great community here. It is such a big town with a small town feel, and there are so many people here trying to improve the community. It’s a great thing to watch and be a part of.


Would you rather be be told you were forbidden to drink iced coffee from Brew (with agave!) OR be told you can never have Bold City Beer again?

Oh god. Probably the coffee. I don’t like this game.

Oh you don’t like this game? Well what about this question then… would you rather lick an armpit after a marathon or eat your own earwax every day for a year?

Why are you making me do this?! I would probably lick an armpit bc that’s a one time deal. Once and done.  


Who are you Jax role models and why?

My get shit done girl, Lisa Goodrich. Not only is she a mentor of mine, she’s also a good friend. Lisa is very involved in the arts, and she has a ton of passion projects that devotes her time to that.

I also have a great group of friends that are all doing different things for the Jax community--business owners, event planners, all on the same page, asking themselves, “How do we make the city cooler with events we do?”

What does the word ‘home’ mean to you?

Home could mean a lot of things, but I keep coming back to the same answer… home is the safe place where I can run around naked.