Summer time, and the home buying is easy

Summer is here!  Sunshine, the beach, and frosé may come to mind, but did you also know that this is the busiest season in real estate?  Here are a few tips to help our summertime (and anytime) home buyers:


Tip: Get excited! This process can be stressful and hard at times, but at the end of it you are a HOMEOWNER.

After you do your happy dance, it’s best to find a realtor and commit to them. Your agent will take time to learn what you are looking for and dedicate their time exclusively to your wants and needs, so it’s essential to have a working relationship with someone who understands what you are looking for, as well as the market.  

Tip: Talk to a lender.  

Not sure who to contact?  We have recommendations for you!  We’ve worked with many a lender and have narrowed down the best + brightest to share with you.  Once you find the best fit, it’s time to get pre-approved.

Tip: Be an educated buyer.

The web can be a good resource, but your greatest resource is your agent.  We use MLS for accurate information about listings and have experience to help guide you through this process.  Please use the internet to learn everything you can (the more you know!), but please rely on + trust in your agent’s expertise.

Tip: Get a home inspection.

We can’t stress this enough.  Once you go under contract, get an inspection by a licensed home inspector (we have recs for those too).  This is likely to be your biggest investment, so you need to know what you are buying!

Tip: Get home insurance.

Shop around to find the insurance company that fits your needs.  Your lender will require this plus it’s beneficial to you to protect your home. And are you surprised to hear that we have recs here as well?  

The Root Path to Home Ownership

The Root Path to Home Ownership