Home Staging Dos + Don'ts

You've decided to sell your home and your realtor recommended some light home staging.  What does that mean and where do you start?  Below are some helpful dos + don'ts.

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Simple Home Staging Tips


-Spruce up curb appeal:  This is the buyer's first impression of the home, so it's worth spending a little money or time to pull weeds, plant some flowers, and decorate your front porch. 

-Declutter: Less is more. Put away personal photos, remove extra items on your shelves, clear off kitchen counter tops, and organize any messy areas.  

-Remove large furniture: Bulky furniture can make the room feel small.  Open up your space by selling or storing any over-sized items.  

-Take down bulky window treatments: People love natural light.  Show off your view by removing overbearing draperies.  



-Leave broken items: If one thing is broken a buyer will wonder what else is broken too.  Fix ripped screens, animal scratches, broken doors, etc.  The house should be maintained for it to look its' best. 

-Don't overdo it:  "The goal is to showcase the space and features of the house, not the furnishings." -Liz Alterman, cafemom

-Invest in major renovations: Expensive renovations (think pool and building a garage) are not guaranteed to give you a good return on investment.  Click HERE to see what projects are the best bang for your buck.

-Take it personally: You probably love your home and your style, and you should! But remember, every buyer is different and have different tastes.  Keep it neutral and tidy to attract (almost) everyone.