My First...

There is something special about a 'first'... your first date, a first kiss, a babies first steps. All an occasion for joy and celebration. As agents, we are lucky enough to be a part of a huge 'first' for several of our clients.. their first home! 

Each month we will sit down with someone near and dear to chat about a few of their 'firsts'. This month we chatted with the amazing Anna Savistky! 

What is your first memory of 'home' as a kid?

My first memory of 'home' is my grandma's house on Buckingham Rd.  With 5 bedrooms, 4.5 floors, and 3.5 bathrooms, we somewhat-jokingly referred to it as Buckingham Palace.  My mother, sisters, and I moved frequently during my childhood - usually once a year from rental to rental, so my grandmother's house was our constant, our home base.  My favorite memories there are playing piano next to the massive picture window, cooking chili with her secret ingredient (Hershey's Kisses) in the forever-1950s kitchen, practicing swing dancing with my dad in the library, and playing pretend bartender/waitress behind the built-in bar in the downstairs rec-room.

anna 2.jpg

My grandmother in the 1950’s kitchen back when it was still on trend.

When was your first time moving out of your parent's home?

My first move out of the family home was when I found an off-campus apartment at 17.  The proximity to my university and the cheap rent made me look past my roommate's cat (I'm severely allergic) and questionable habits, and I furnished my bedroom with secondhand finds and hand-me-down linens.  We were thrilled to fill our 80s-style kitchen with corner-store snacks and spend late nights watching Chappelle's Show in the living room.

When was your first big trip away from home?

My first big trip away from home (and the first plane ride I can remember) was a summer camp excursion to California in middle school.  We went to Disneyland and an Angels game, and we got to appear as extras on "Kenan and Kel."  It was a lot of fun, and I came home with a sunburn and a new crush (Kenan or Kel, I'll never tell).

What is your dream First Home?

The first home I owned was my dream home at the time.  My husband and I wanted a home we could grow into and found exactly what we were looking for in an Intracoastal West open-concept ranch with marble floors, granite countertops, and a spacious corner lot.  We lived in that home for 6.5 years, which is still the longest I've ever lived in one house (other than the aforementioned Buckingham Palace), and it was not an easy decision to sell.  After those 6.5 years and some significant changes in what we wanted in life, we decided to downsize to a cozier, quirkier Fort Caroline home off the St. Johns River with 2-stories and butcher-block countertops (never going back to granite!).  Our current home is our dream second home, and I'll keep you posted on the third when that day comes. ;) 


New Jersey’s own Buckingham Palace