My First...

There is something special about a 'first'... your first date, a first kiss, a babies first steps. All an occasion for joy and celebration. As agents, we are lucky enough to be a part of a huge 'first' for several of our clients.. their first home!

Each month we will sit down with someone near and dear to chat about a few of their 'firsts'. This month we chatted with our small town gal Kait!

What is your first memory of 'home' as a kid?  

My first memory at home as a kid was in a home that we shared with my great grandmother. It was a large farmhouse that my great grandfather had built and was split into two sides. We lived in one side and she lived in the other. I spent the first 5 years of my life in that home going back and forth from her side to mine. My cousins lived on the same road so I remember constantly being with them walking through trails in the woods, playing in the creek, or exploring the big barn!


When was your first time moving out of your parents home? 

The first time I moved out of my parents home was when I went to college. The same week that I moved away from home they moved out of my childhood home and bought the cutest log cabin! It was a huge adjustment moving into college and also moving out of my childhood home at the same time. Luckily, I was immediately playing soccer in college and met some of my best friends so school quickly became my new home! I wouldn’t change a thing!


When was your first big trip away from home? 

My first big trip away from home was when I went on my senior trip to Disney. Since I am from NY it was a big trip and my first time on an airplane! It was so fun spending a last hurrah with the kids that I grew up with! We made memories for a lifetime!  


What is your DREAM first home?

Oh boy... Since I haven't owned a home yet this will be fun! I am a beach girl so my dream would to be as close to the inter coastal or the ocean as possible! Something updated with a fenced in yard for my pup for sure!