Drinks with Rethreaded

Drinks with Kristin Keen of  Rethreaded

Drinks with Kristin Keen of Rethreaded

What are you drinking? Everyday I have a coffee with vanilla creamer, an afternoon Zevia (organic diet coke), tons of waters (I always, always have water with me!), and in the evening I will usually have a glass of red wine.  


What is it that you do?

I help people Renew their Hope, Reignite dreams and Release their potential through business!! Specifically I run a social enterprise that helps survivors of human trafficking by providing long term employment and access to mental health counseling.

What is a typical day for you? I get up and head for the beach for a sunrise swim with my friends in Duval Ocean Swimmers.  Most of my day is spent in advocating for Rethreaded in a variety of meetings to drive sales, partnerships, and donations. 


What is the best part of your job?

I love my job!!!!! I love being challenged on a daily basis. I love that everyday I am learning something new. I love seeing women at Rethreaded reclaim their life and go after their dreams.

What do you love about Jacksonville? I love the big small feel of Jacksonville. I think it is a two degree of separation town. Whomever you need to know someone will know them! and I also love the beach and the river.

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