My first...

There is something special about a 'first'... your first date, a first kiss, a babies first steps. All an occasion for joy and celebration. As agents, we are lucky enough to be a part of a huge 'first' for several of our clients.. their first home!

Each month we will sit down with someone near and dear to chat about a few of their 'firsts'. This month we chatted with the very adventurous Sarah!

What is your first memory at home as a kid?

I come from a family of six, so my earliest memories are with my siblings. We loved to pretend the floor was lava in our living room. We would destroy the house throwing everything on the floor and jumping on things, but we had a good time.

Sarah 1.PNG

When was your first time moving out of your parents home?

I lived with my parents for as long as I could until I finally moved out at 22. I lived in Baldwin and wanted to be closer to Riverside, so I moved in with my boyfriend, now husband, in a cute bungalow off Forbes Street.

Sarah 2.PNG

When was your first big trip away from home? 

I think it is fair to say my first BIG trip away from home would be the first time I left the country in 2012 and flew to Costa Rica. With no GPS and only knowing “cerveza” and “frijoles” in Spanish, we managed to navigate our way from the big city to the coast and hopped from hostel to hostel. That was the trip that sparked a desire to see more countries!

Sarah 3.PNG

What is your DREAM first home?

I think anyone’s first home is a dream. My first home was in Avondale, and after temporarily living in homes all over the country, my husband and I have finally settled down back into our first home and I couldn’t be happier. I love our cute little bungalow!

Sarah 4.PNG