4320 San Juan Ave


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Meet Matthew and Jessica, the sellers of 4320 San Juan Ave

What do you appreciate most about the Avondale neighborhood? 

We love that the house is a quick walk to the river, with a gorgeous view of downtown. Baker Point Park and Stinson Park are always filled with families picnicking and children playing. We love that we live in an area so full of life! Our favorite Avondale restaurant and Valentine's Day tradition is Biscottis, a quick one and a half a mile bike ride to the Shoppes of Avondale. I am an even bigger fan of the 1-block walk in the opposite direction to Ulta! Not Matthew's favorite thing, but at least he can walk with me, and grab a burrito at Moe's or pick up some cat food at Publix while he waits on my shopping. Ha! - Jessica 

What drew you to a 1920s bungalow? 

The front porch drew me to this particular house. I knew my first home didn't need to be gigantic; it's easy upkeep, and the land that the house is on is a great size. - Matthew 


What is your favorite room in the home? 

My favorite room is the kitchen. I always wanted white cabinets, funky floors and modern gold fixtures. It didn't take long for us to decide that the kitchen would be the first room we updated. I also love to cook! And the natural light in the kitchen is most perfect in the afternoons just in time to make dinner. - Jessica 

What improvement to the home are you most proud of?

A few months ago, I restored the brick fireplace in the master bedroom. I feel very accomplished when I look at it. When I bought the house, it had layers and layers of caked-on paint. Some deep cleaning and TLC, and we were able to bring it back to life. - Matthew


What do you love most about the outside of the home?

The front porch is perfect. I mean, I don't think any house could have a better porch. And the side deck/porch is awesome for entertaining. We set up the grill and hang out with our friends and family there for barbecues. My favorite memory though, is carving pumpkins with Jessica on the back porch during our first October in the house, and on the front porch the second. Another great memory is our very first fire in the fire pit in the backyard. It was something like the 4th or 5th weekend in the house, a Sunday morning, and we spontaneously just decided to build a fire. - Matthew 


What is your favorite meal that you’ve cooked in the kitchen? 

This is a hard one! I'm going to go with my Uncle's Whiskey London Broil Recipe. Matthew and I hosted his family for a pre-Christmas dinner before we headed out of town to visit my family, and on the menu was London Broil, tortellini with homemade sauce, roasted parmesan broccoli and garlic bread. I remember setting all of the food up on the bar below the wine rack, and it was perfect! -Jessica 


What else should people know about this home? 

Something not always bragged about on homes, but the attic is huge! It has a wide entry with a pull-down ladder, which is awesome for a historic home, and once you're up there, the ladder makes it super easy to lift and store away boxes and containers. Kind of an odd thing to point out, but since we like a clean home, this is a huge bonus for us! - Matthew

How have your lives changed since you first moved into the home? 

Matthew and I's early days of dating happened in this house. We painted it together, we have lived with a roommate here, we got a second cat while being in this house, and we most recently got engaged! We started our life here. Because of that, we'll miss it so much, but hope that it will provide the same comfort and future memories to the new homeowner(s). - Jessica 


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Photos by Jenny Boyer @jennyboyerphoto jennyboyerphotography@gmail.com